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Mani Longia Top 20 Albums

1. Pump Up (Mani Longia)
2. Taur (Mani Longia)
3. Love Tales (Mani Longia)
4. Vairian De Bakkre (Himmat Sandhu and Mani Longia)
5. No Gussa (Mani Longia)
6. Just In (Mani Longia)
7. Din Vaar Vaar (Mani Longia) [R]
8. Kasol (Mani Longia) [R]
9. Pabandi (Mani Longia)
10. No Limit - EP (Mani Longia) [R]
11. Tie (Mani Longia)
12. Age Old (Mani Longia)
13. Let Me Tell You (Mani Longia)
14. Feel Kra (Mani Longia) [R]
15. Adore You (Kulwinder Billa) [R]
16. All Eyez On Me (Mani Longia)
17. Back Stage to Front Stage (Vicky)
18. Balle Balle (Mani Longia)
19. Shartaan (Mani Longia)
20. 26 Aala (Mani Longia)
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